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The US Presidential Race: How Is Obama Going To Fare? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Charlie   
Sunday, 15 July 2012

The US Presidential Election is always an interesting one; the results have repercussions for people all over the world. It seems very likely that the 57th Election, which takes place on November 6 this year will be a very hard fought one.
The Democrats will feature Barack Obama, of course, whereas the Republicans haven't yet finalized their candidate. However, it seems very likely that it will be a straight battle between Obama and Mitt Romney who seems all set to win the Republican nomination. Of course there will be other candidates as well. Stewart Alexander of the Socialist Party and the former Governor of New Mexico, the Libertarian Gary Johnson are two of the other candidates.
The United States is not in the best position today and its economy has still not recovered from a double recession. The political battle that will take place later this year is a very important one because the main political parties have very different solutions to offer for the country's immense financial problems.
Barack Obama occupies a very unenviable position today. The wave of popularity that he rode on his way to the White House four years ago can very well work out to be his undoing. The voting public has a notoriously fickle memory. It looks to be seen whether they remember that the financial problems that happened during Obama's tenure were actually caused because of the actions and policies of his predecessors.
The mood of the nation is definitely very glum these days. There is palpable disappointment over the Obama administration's overall performance the past few years. Almost 70 percent of surveyed Americans believe that the country is not on the right course. The main areas for disappointment are Obama's track record in dealing with health care and immigration and not just the faltering economy.
One interesting thing to note is that the people who back Obama do so with a great deal of enthusiasm. More than half the people who support Obama are very confident about his abilities. When it comes to his likely Republican challenger Mitt Romney, the levels of enthusiasm are definitely lower. According to a reliable poll, only 38 percent of his supporters are really sure that he's the man for the job.
Romney has not really been able to capitalize on the disappointment against the Obama administration. Most of the other Republican nominees have indeed backed out of the race to become the challenger, but Romney himself does not seem to command a lot of respect. He comes across as a political novice, especially with regards to the country's foreign policy. Also, his immense personal wealth might actually work against him.
Mitt Romney does not shy away from talking about his money; his argument is that he can use his considerable financial acumen to make the country wealthy as well. Unfortunately, what most Americans think is that he is simply too wealthy to understand what the average person's problems are. He also doesn't come across as particularly honest when it comes to his financial dealings even though he hasn't done anything strictly illegal.
As things stand today, President Obama and Mitt Romney are going neck to neck in the race to the White House. The President has lost much of his likeability but Romney is not particularly likeable either.
The competition is too close to call right now. It is hard to say for sure that Obama will get another four years in the white house. However what is clear is that the forthcoming battle is going to be one of the most expensive ones going by the amount of money being spent right now.



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